About us

Welcome to Green Seasons Nursery and our newly updated web site. We are a wholesale nursery providing Native Plants to the horticultural design and installation industry. We have been specializing in the propagation of native plants of the southeastern United States for the past 39 years. Our plant palette has expanded to more than 100 species that include many salt tolerant plants including Sea Oats and other front line coastal species, upland varieties of shrubs and grasses and a large variety of native wildflowers, As a wholesale grower we understand the importance of producing individual species in large quantities to provide you, the customer, with the confidence of ordering and obtaining plants that are consistent in size and shape. We strive to use horticultural principles that are consistent with the ornamental practices of our industry. We want you to have clean, well cared for plants for all of your installations.



Green Seasons Nursery has a rich heritage going back to 1970. We are located on the very same site where the first commercial production of sea oats took place.

Since acquiring the nursery in 1995 Roger Triplett and Mark Holdren have increased growing capacity more than 1000% by expanding from 2.5 acres to 7.5 acres and by replacing the original greenhouses with state-of-the-art propagation facilities covering nearly 1.5 acres.

Our Mission

Green Seasons Nursery has continued to advance the field of coastal restoration by growing additional coastal native plants which were previously unavailable, allowing your projects to include greater plant diversity. Ornamental upland native species have also been added to the list of plants grown reliably in large quantities by our nursery.

Our Philosophy

We at Green Seasons Nursery think that all landscapes deserve to have Native Plants in some proportion in each design. The thought is to help to create habitat and shelter for the indigenous creatures that naturally occur in the environment surrounding our homes and businesses. At the present rate of habitat loss we are quickly losing some of our most beloved neighbors. They cannot speak for themselves, but we humans as a species can help to make a little room for them.

We have been working together with other growers in the Florida Association of Native Nurseries to get the word out about the importance of preservation and restoration of native habitat. It would be a shame to live in a world void of other life that provides so much joy and important work such as pollination, helping to get rid of undesirable insect pests and providing food for Native creatures further up the food chain. These are just a few of the important jobs they do for us. They do not ask for monetary gain, only to be let to co-exist with each of us as they have since the beginning of time. So we say, plant a few native species and bring some much needed life to your surroundings. It will help you deal with the unnatural stressors of your everyday existence. Think of it not as a landscape, think of it as a “Livescape”.

Thank You for Using Native Plants,
The Growers At Green Seasons Nursery

Beautiful beach with Ipomoea on the Similan island, Thailand



Our Value Proposition

Green Seasons Nursery is inspired to spread the word about native flowers, shrubs, trees and grasses. We are passionate about increasing awareness of the benefits and necessities of native plants for the well-being and longevity of our eco-systems, and our planet.



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